Mission Administration


Administrators elected to serve the 2011-2015 quadrenium

President                                         Pastor Toney Mapp

Executive Secretary                           Pastor Clyde Lewis

Treasurer                                         Sis Kerene Horsford

Auditor                                            Sis. Natasha Lewis

Children’s Ministries                          Sis. Cindy Lorde

Communication                                Br. Wilfred Desvignes

Community Services                          Pastor Martin Cunningham

Education                                         Br. Wilfred Desvignes

Family Life                                       Pastor Toney Mapp

Health Ministries                               Pastor Ein Kirk

Ministerial Secretary                          Pastor Irwin Scott

Personal Ministries                            Pastor Martin Cunningham

Publishing                                        Sis. Cynthia Osmond

Religious Liberty                               Br. Wilfred Desvignes

Sabbath school                                 Pastor Martin Cunningham

Stewardship                                      Pastor Earl Edwards

Trust Services                                   Pastor Earl Edwards

Women’s Ministries                            Sis. Cindy Lorde

Youth                                               Pastor Lowell Ottley

ADRA / OSHA                                    Pastor Ein Kirk

Executive Committee

The following persons serve as executive committee members of the Mission:

Pastor Toney Mapp, Pastor Clyde Lewis, Pastor Ein Kirk, Pastor Martin Cunningham, Pastor Lowell Ottley, Pastor Irwin Scott, Pastor Earl Edwards, Pastor Charles Salandy, Pastor Lennon Robley, Br. Wilfred Desvignes,  Br. Wayne Richardson, Br. Addison Moore, Br. Hayden Lorde,  Br. Farley Augustine, Br. Diamond Andrews, Sis. Claudia Benjamin, Sis. Cynthia Osmond, Sis. Cindy Lorde, Sis. Sherma Frank Joseph, Sis. Marcia Dalrymple, Sis. Leonora Luke

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