Tobago Mission


Our doors are always open to the community and anyone wishing to worship in one of our chapels of praise. Find a church near you.

District: Far East 

Pastor Earl Edwards
Churches: Charlotteville, Speyside, Roxborough, Louis D'or, Delaford
Email:[email protected] 


District: Mid East

Pastor Winston King
Churches: Mt. St. George, Goodwood, Glamorgan, Zion Hill, New Life
Email: [email protected]

District: Central 1

Pastor Lowell Ottley
Churches: Scarborough, McKay Hill
Email: [email protected]

District: Central 2

Pastor Nicola English-Newsam
Churches: Signal Hill, Good News, Lambeau
Email: [email protected]

District: North West

Pastor Richard Frederick
Churches: Black Rock, Mary’s Hill, Plymouth
Email: [email protected]

District: South West 1

Pastor Vishnu Persad
Churches: Bethel, Carnbee

Group: King of Glory, Buccoo
Email: [email protected]

District: South West 2

Pastor Leslie Butcher
Churches: Bon Accord, Canaan, Mt. Pleasant
Email: [email protected]

District: Near North 1

Pastor Ein Kirk
Churches: Mason Hall, Sandy River, Mt. Grace
Email: [email protected]

District: Near North 2

Pastor Paul McKenzie
Churches: Golden Lane, Les Coteaux, Moriah
Email: [email protected]

District: Far North

Pastor Bevon Benjamin
Churches: Castara, Lanse Fourmi, Parlatuvier
Email: [email protected]