Our work in Christian Education

The Adventist World Church promotes education at all levels and has the second-largest integrated network of schools. In Tobago, you will find one (1) high school and four (4) elementary schools. Our students can begin their tertiary education at the University of the Southern Caribbean Extension Campus in Tobago and complete their course of study at the university's main campus in Trinidad.

Our work in Community Outreach

The church’s impetus for community outreach is to reflect Christ’s example of genuine love for people and selfless efforts to meet their needs. We strive to treat God’s people the way He sees them. We are moved by the plight of others and believe vibrant Christianity is to minister to their needs.

Our work in Health

The Adventist Church’s traditional health message is a well-known and important feature of our church and rests on increasingly solid scientific foundations. We believe that God's love, expressed in the Adventist Health message, will transform the health and Christian experience of our communities and our members. Stay connected for information on any health programs in your area.

Our work in Christian Service and Evangelism 

All our departments, schools, and institutions have a singular goal: service to God and man. This means there is growth in Christ. Our members are encouraged to deepen their relationship with Him.  We promote the belief that our faith should be real and put into daily action. This is a choice to build the kingdom of God.

Our work with the Youths

God desires to use the youth in the advancement of the gospel. As a mission, we aim to mobilize existing youth and young adults to commit to showcasing the distinctive message and mission of the Adventist Church.